Breathe Life into Your Paddocks with Suregrow CSM

Did you know 85% of grassland is mineral and trace element deficient?

Your paddocks and grassland may look in reasonable condition but is both the soil and grass the very best it can be?

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CSM from the Suregrow range provides more than 70 minerals and trace elements. A number of these enter into the plant and can be beneficial to the health of the animals eating the grass.

CSM injects a wide range of minerals and trace elements into the soil which maximises the utilisation of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and Sulphur. This totally natural product stimulates root development and strength giving a denser sward, while also improving the eating quality of grass and acts as a soil conditioner which results in a denser more vibrant turf.

The minerals in CSM have many benefits for both the grass and horses. Calcium helps the grass growth and neutralises plant cell acidity improving the palatability of the grass. Increased levels of Magnesium in the grass can have a calming effect on the horse or pony and supports the absorption of Phosphate. Sodium, improves the palatability of grass and reduces the Potassium imbalance in growing grass. Chloride’s benefit is that it supports the transportation of nutrients in the plant.


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Tracy Priest Takes the Suregrow Thames Speed Stakes CSI2* at Royal Windsor

Surrey-based Tracy Priest won the Thames Speed Stakes sponsored by Suregrow, at Royal Windsor, riding Penelope Priest’s Caristo VDL.

The 11-year-old grey gelding Caristo VDL and Tracy took the title with an impressive time of 61.19 seconds.

Having owned Caristo VDL since a five-year-old, he is currently on top form with a string of wins on the show jumping circuit.

Said Tracy: “It was brilliant to win, I am really happy with our overall performance.”

Royal Windsor Horse Show is the UK’s largest outdoor horse show with international competitions in three different equestrian disciplines. The CSI2* Thames Speed Stakes sponsored by Suregrow Fertiliser Ltd was an exciting event drawing in a great line-up of outstanding competitive riders along with an eager crowd as always.

Jonathan Cox of Suregrow said: “We were delighted to sponsor the CSI2* Thames Speed Stakes. Well done to Tracy and Caristo VDL, it was a fantastic result.”

Specialising in the care of grassland for horses and ponies Suregrow has a range of products including fertilisers, mineral and trace elements and grass seeds specifically selected for horse and pony paddocks.

Suregrow products include Suregrow Fertiliser, CSM, Paddock Grass Seed Mix, Fast Grass, Meadow and Laminitics Grass Mix.

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Oliver Townend Wins The Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

Congratulations to Suregrow sponsored rider Oliver Townend and Cooley Master Class for winning the 2018 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event title.

After a clear round cross country, Oliver stood in third position overnight. It was a tense finish as Oliver took the lead from Michael Jung, with a foot perfect fault-free show jumping round with Cooley Master Class, to finish on his dressage score of 28.7 penalties

Oliver has had Cooley Master Class, owned by Angela Hislop, since he was a four-year-old and is a firm favourite on the yard. Sired by the much sought after Belgian Warmblood Stallion Ramiro B out of The Swallow, Coolio as he is known at home is now leading the way in eventing.

Said Oliver: “Obviously it’s a fantastic feeling to win. The owners gambled on me to win their money back, and I’m pleased the horses have come through with great results and that I’ve repaid the owners’ gamble on me.”

Oliver had a fantastic event not only winning with Cooley Master Class, but also taking seventh with MHS King Joules. Both horses are 13-year-old Irish Sport Horses.

Oliver was delighted to win, as this victory is his second leg of the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing. To secure the title the rider must win the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton, Land Rover Burghley and Land Rover Kentucky Horse Trials consecutively. Oliver won Burghley last September with Ballaghmor Class, who is entered at Badminton along with Cooley SRS


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Zara and Chiddock Time Traveller Win the Suregrow Show Pony Championship

Zara Brookes with Chiddock Time Traveller took the Suregrow Show Pony Championship at this year’s North of England Spring Show.

Based at Robert and Sarah Walker’s yard in Cheshire, the nine-year-old Chiddock Time Traveller, dazzled the judges Lucy Carey and Allan Robertson to win the title.

Zara has only had Chiddock Time Traveller since the middle of last season, so this relatively new pairing was delighted to take the championship.

Known as Billy at home, the chestnut Chiddock Time Traveller went foot perfect to impress the judges.

Said Zara: "I was over the moon to win the Suregrow Show Pony Championship. Billy felt amazing, he didn’t put a foot wrong. It is our first show of the year, so we are very excited about the season ahead.”

Added producer Sarah Walker: “We are delighted for Zara and Billy, he went so well. Billy has a really sweet nature and is lovely to deal with, they are a great partnership.”

Said Jonathan Cox of Suregrow: “Congratulations to Zara and Chiddock Time Traveller they put up a brilliant performance to win the championship at the start of the season.”

Specialising in the care of grassland for horses and ponies, Suregrow has a range of products including fertilisers, mineral and trace elements and grass seeds specifically selected for horse and pony paddocks, as well as the ultimate in arena and ground care management.

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Suregrow Sponsor the Thames Speed Stakes CSI2* at Royal Windsor Horse Show

Suregrow are delighted to announce their sponsorship of the CSI2* Thames Speed Stakes event at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Specialising in the care of grassland for horses and ponies Suregrow has a range of products including fertilisers, mineral and trace elements and grass seeds specifically selected for horse and pony paddocks.

This year will see the Royal Windsor Horse Show in the private grounds of Windsor Castle from May 9 to 13, 2018, to celebrate its Diamond year and the Suregrow sponsored class takes place on Thursday May 10, 2018 at 12:30pm in the Castle Arena.

Royal Windsor Horse Show is the UK’s largest outdoor horse show with international competitions in three different equestrian disciplines. The CSI2* Thames Speed Stakes sponsored by Suregrow Fertiliser Ltd is set to be an exciting event drawing in a great line-up of outstanding competitive riders along with an eager crowd as always.

Jonathan Cox of Suregrow said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the CSI2* Thames Speed Stakes event for such a monumental year for the show. The event is set to be as fantastic as ever however this year will be even more exciting as the show celebrates its extraordinary history over 75 magnificent years.

“The class is set to be an exciting International jumping competition and will definitely draw in some fast and furious action.”

Suregrow sponsored dressage rider Carl Hester MBE, will also be in action at the show.   Carl will join a competitive dressage line-up also on the Thursday.

Suregrow products include Suregrow Fertiliser, CSM, Paddock Grass Seed Mix, Fast Grass, Meadow and Laminitics Grass Mix.

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Carl Hester - One on one at fifty event

We were very proud to be sponsors of Carl Hesters One on One at Fifty event on 11th November 2017.

Please follow the link below to see more


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Latest news from Shoestring Events

A lot has happened since my last blog and generally things have been pretty positive. Firstly let me introduce you to the newest member of the Shoestring team – Fliss. Fliss is an Irish Sports horse by Royal Concorde from a Ricardo Z mare, she is 6 years old but currently green and quite immature so we are taking things really slowly and just letting her develop her strength and muscle.

Lots of hacking and a little schooling has been the order of the day and she probably won’t be doing much competition wise until next year. She has a great jump and can be very careful so may turn out to be more a show jumper than an eventer but Shoestring_Oct.jpgwe will see. She has the most lovable nature and is always looking to please. As the yard I rent involves hacking onto a busy road she is currently kept a few miles away with a friend who has lovely quiet hacking and a school, this is fab although having horses in two different yards does give some logistical challenged particularly with the light shortening. Ellie and Fliss are sharing a saddle and there is nothing worse than arriving at one yard and realising the saddle is at the other yard!

Ellie meanwhile has moved up to BE100 level fairly easily. It is strange but as a rider that has ridden at advanced level when you have been away from that level for a while 100 seems huge particularly on a 14.2 pony.  We chose our first event to be Treborough which is on the edge of Exmoor and one of the most picturesque events in the calendar albeit a slightly challenging drive. Treborough has a reputation for being straightforward which it is but by golly they certainly built to maximum dimensions over a long and hilly course. I will plead guilty to a slightly sleepless night. It wasn’t then helped when the competitor in front of me fell and we were held in the start box for 20 minutes.

Once underway Ellie flew round making nothing of the course and finished with an excellent clear. Frustratingly 2 poles show jumping when I rode a dodgy line to a double prevented any rosettes despite a good dressage. Our form was franked two weeks later at West Wilts a far smaller but technical track when she jumped another super clear but two rider errors show jumping as well as a dressage judge that was less keen on us kept us well out the placings.

The next event should have been Bricky. We had a good drive up, it is a favourite journey of Mum's not only is it less boring than the motorway routes but we pass some lovely farm shops that have access for the lorry to park. Luckily Ellie is chilled about any unscheduled stops!

We went straight to the event on Friday teatime and walked the course as Saturday was an early start. As always it was beautifully build and prepared although in a couple of places quite wet after the weeks rain. Luckily checking the phone no rain was forecast. We went back to the nearby stabling, plaited Ellie, cleaned stud holes and tack and set an early alarm. Worryingly there were a couple showers and checking Facebook prior to bed Bricky posted they couldn't cope with any more. When I woke up an hour later and could hear the rain pouring I knew what the outcome was going to be and indeed when the alarm went off at 5 the text was already in with the cancellation. The only good thing was the extra hour in bed!

Poor Ellie was unplaited and looked very non plussed. Nothing worse than being at the event and it cancelling, although the entry is refunded the fuel and time cannot be retrieved. Then again to be honest it is probably selfish to say this when the poor organisers have been spending months preparing the course and event only for the weather to wipe out the whole thing.

We did at least do some show jumping and headed to a favourite haunt at Chard to jump the British Novice and Discovery. Ellie pulled it out the bag for a 4th place and £17 in the first class but we had a couple of rails in the Discovery.

So two more events left for the year at Calmsden and Aldon providing the weather is kind.

Meanwhile the yearlings are rapidly growing and so pleased with their grazing this year. I applied Suregrow fertiliser and CSM in April and the field is still lush and green with grass coming through despite the two babies grazing it all year as well as using as a playground.


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The Latest news from Emily Cariad-Nicol Eventing

At the end of August we took Lander to Millstreet as part of the GB development squad in the CIC*. He was fantastic all week and pulled out all of the stops, even with the 34 hour round journey! He started the event to be inside the top 20 out of 72 combinations after the dressage phase with a good test. After a fantastic clear showjumping over a big track of fences he moved up to be in 12th position overnight. The next day he gave me the most incredible ride x country to be clear inside the time, finishing in 8th place! I couldn’t fault him all week, he was just amazing! Meanwhile I opened my GCSE results in the morning of our first day competing, and I’m very glad to say that I was very pleased with them, as they could’ve played a huge part in how I rode at Millstreet.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of a new livery horse, a week before the BE100 RF at Firle International Simba caught an air bound hoof on his chest and it became a little swollen. Luckily they’re good friends now! Although he would probably have been absolutely fine we decided to miss out on the event, which was a great shame as he had an opportunity to qualify for Badminton grassroots. However he was due to go on a 3 month holiday after the event anyway, so now he has an extra week with no work! He’s currently very hairy and dirty and just enjoying life as a normal horse, and we will be bringing him back into work at the beginning of November. At this rate he may need a new saddle, as in just over a month with no riding he has already grown a huge amount!

We ended the season by moving up to Intermediate, which was both mine and Lander’s first time competing at this level. We competed in the OIu21 at Little Downham and had the most fantastic day. We started with a 33.2 dressage in a very harshly marked section to be inside the top 10 after this phase. He then jumped a fantastic clear round showjumping which made me even more nervous than I already was going into the x country phase! It was a huge track of fences and I'll admit that I wasn't sure if I was going to cope with it, but we came back having had the most fantastic clear round, he was so bold and so scopey over the biggest fences on the course! We did however get a fair amount of time penalties, as I took one alternate route just to be on the safe side, and made my life extremely difficult by accidentally going around one of the judging cars after the jump, so I had to do a very tight turn slowly, which wasted a huge amount of time!! We were dropped down just out of the placings because of this, but it doesn't matter at all – we had the best experience that we could’ve asked for with our first time at this level, and now I’m extremely excited for next season with this fantastic horse. Lander is now enjoying a very well deserved 12 week  holiday, and his Connemara side is starting to show as he’s already extremely hairy!

And I’m thrilled to say that 2 new 3yo’s arrived at home a few weeks ago! Both are completely untouched mares from the Netherlands, and I must say they are quite beautiful! They both come from showjumping lines but have more than enough blood and movement to event. They’re currently being backed at Jason Webb’s and I am so excited to go and see them being ridden. They’ll come for a break in a couple of weeks and then go back down to Jason’s, at which point he will show me how to ride them. Then at the end of November it’ll be all hands on deck – so I’m looking forward to a very busy winter!

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