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2017 Bramham Horse Trials

Yoshie_Oiwa_EBHT_-14.jpgSenior CCI***

Yoshiaki Oiwa made history as the first Japanese rider to seal victory at Bramham with a clear showjumping round. On board 10-year-old gelding Calle 44, Yoshi rose from third place after the cross-country to take the title.

Cross-country leader, Gemma Tattersall and Quicklook V, had the back rail of the triple bar down, plus one time-fault which dropped them to second place.

Australian rider Sammi Birch who was third going into the final phase, also had a fence down on Hunter Valley II, but they maintained their overall position.

Toshiyuki Tanaka rose from 35th after the dressage thanks to a speedy clear across country on Talma D Allou, to eventual fourth, incurring just one time-fault around a tough showjumping track.
Sponsored rider Nicola Wilson, who was fifth going into the final phase riding One Two Many had two fences down, resulting in an overall 8th position.


Under 25's CCI***

22 year old Will Furlong held onto his cross-country lead to take the Bishop Burton College CCI3* under-25 title after a dramatic showjumping phase. Even more impressive, this was Will's first CCI3*!

The pair won by 2.6 penalties over Gina Ruck and Rehy Too who jumped a beautiful clear round to hold second place. Alicia Hawker and Charles RR finished a very credible 3rd.


A speedy cross country round by Izzy Taylor and Dr Patricia Turner's 12 year old, Trevidden, paid off in the CIC3* enabling them to finish on a score of 47.4 and take top of the podium.

Second went to Paul Tapner and the three-star specialist Yogi Bear VIII, who jumped a double clear, to finish on a score of 51.2.

Third went to New Zealand's Tim Price, who produced a very classy double clear on Cekatinka. Tim has recently taken on the ride of this mare when his wife Jonelle fell pregnant. Something says he may be a little reluctant to give Jonelle the horse back when she returns to competition!

We would like to say a very well deserved well done to all competitors at the 2017 Equi Trek Bramham Horse Trials. Take a look at some of the super action shots taken by K2 Photographic plus some videos of the Suregrow Kidney Ponds on our galley page.

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It been a rollercoaster ride but we're back on track...

Since my last blog we have very much had the rollercoaster ride typical to the amateur eventer, or maybe just typical to anyone with horses. Ellie has returned to full work fit and well and we have progressed back to eventing fitness. Our first event was Millfield I knew that with the dry weather there was a risk that conditions may not be to my liking but I was hoping the ground was acceptable. The team were working hard on the course and although it was firm with the continued work I felt at 90 level it was acceptable to run.

sj.jpgHowever I was swayed when I walked the show jumping, the ring was on what they use as a rounders pitch and the grass cut very short, they had spiked but the ground here was pretty firm and you would need studs to stop slipping adding concussion. The warm up (although seen before they had worked on it) was a bit rough and very hard. Sadly there was no significant rain forecast that night and I decided for Ellie having had time off and being her first run we would save her for another day. Really disappointing and must emphasis this is no reflection on the event who worked very hard or anybody that did run. In fact with a lot of rain Saturday night I understand the going on Sunday was pretty near perfect. For once the blow was softened by finding something else to do nearby. So we headed off to Chard Equestrian for their BS show. This was Ellie's first competitive jumping show since last October and it was great to be out again. In the British Novice we just had a pole in the jump off section and in the 95cm open she jumped a super double clear to win her first BS points. Was so pleased with this result don't get me wrong it is still a bit all or nothing i.e. long strides or bounce up and down then pop but we are moving in the right direction.

xc.jpgI am aware that I am very risk adverse and sometimes a bit too much maybe but when you only have one or two horses you can get over protective. Luckily 2 weeks later we made it to our first event at Pontispool. In the dressage we had one of our best ever marks of 24.3 in a generously marked section, we then proceeded to be clear showjumping leaving us comfortably in the top 10 before cross country. Ellie gave me a super round cross country over a testing track albeit a little green at times. I am not sure exactly what happened but at 3/4 way round we approached the hay cart, we just lost our stride and she chipped in and left a leg meaning she landed on her nose and only just stayed upright catapulting me out the saddle. There are some spectacular pro pictures of the sequence if you want to look them up on Jayphotos site by my name in the BE90 section of Pontispool.

ellie.jpgEllie rather than waiting to see if mother was ok disappeared back to the lorries so we had no alternative but to retire. Luckily I was able to get a lift back from the organiser to find Ellie. I am sore but my Kan Teq back protector is invaluable at times like this it offers superb protection. Ellie has a slightly bruised knee but is trotting up sound, we are sharing the Arc Equine to help our respective aches and pains.

So some cross country schooling is planned this weekend before we head to West Wilts for our next event.

Hoping I will have some more positive news to share next time. However talking of good news I have sold Posy which I had been hoping to do for a few months now. This means it is horse hunting time where I spend hours pouring over adverts, pictures and videos and when I do go and see something usually find I missed that it only had 3 legs or I wasn't told some vital bit of information or sometimes however nice a horse is it just isn't my cup of tea - I can be fussy!

babies.jpgI do have a smart one growing up in the field and Kensa is a year old this week, in the last few months she has changed from a foal to looking like a little horse. She still has plenty of character and cheek though and poor Tommy doesn't get much peace and quiet. Seems a long time to wait though! The two yearlings are really appreciating grazing the field that I fertilised in early April. Have to say the grass seems very good and thick which is ideal for the youngsters. I managed to finish the other fields only last weekend, must admit doing by hand I was aching a bit the next day!



On the Shoestring front my website and social media have just had some great stats for May.

Website Page views: 125,000
Unique visitors: 12,100
Course Pictures
24 Venues covered
80 sets of pictures
1935 photos uploaded
Facebook 8,370 likes with post reach of 30,000

Very excited that an amateur website and associated social media is pulling in so many people.

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Why use CSM?

Majority of grazed grassland in the UK is mineral deficient. CSM contains over 70 minerals and trace elements to inject lost nutrition back into your soil, creating the optimum conditions for quality, healthy grassland. 

Make the most of your grassland and apply CSM now! 

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Withdrawals, withdrawals, withdrawals!

The event season is here, but sadly for us out of the five events that we've been entered into I've only competed in two! Lander competed in our first event of the season in the BE Novice at Tweseldown, but since then we've struggled to get out!


Four days before 5yo Simba's BE90 class at Munstead he hit his leg on the corner of the arena during a fantastic dressage session; three stitches later we were advised to put him onto 2 weeks of box rest – meaning our first withdrawal.

Five days before Lander's second event at South of England I very stupidly and randomly fell over in the stables, giving myself a terrible black eye and cut which meant that I couldn't see for four days! Meaning our second withdrawal.

Finally Simba had his first outing of the season, and only his third ever event, in the BE90 at Horseheath. A fantastic dressage test in a harshly marked section for 30.3 put us into 3rd place after this phase; he then jumped a beautiful clear showjumping to move us up to 2nd place. As the ground was extremely hard and he's still only young I took it easy x country, gaining many time penalties. But he gave me a super confident clear; so I'm now extremely excited for his first BE 100 class in a few weeks' time at Tweseldown!

We then took Lander to GB junior training, and he was an absolute star! He really impressed the trainers all day in both the dressage and the track jumping, and consequently we've been put forward for the trip to Millstreet Horse trails in Ireland to compete in the CCI J* later on in the season, the objective being to give international experience to 16 year olds. And he wore his SureGrow sponsored numnahs all day!

17796510_1460432337340114_434658196613631813_n.jpgBut disaster strikes again! Just over a week before Lander's second event of the season at Chilham he walked out of his stable lame. The next day when our physio came out for her monthly visit to see all of the horses he was sound again; but a few days before the event he went hopping lame. Meaning our third withdrawal! Our vets and farrier thought that he may have an abscess, but they're back out on Monday for further investigation.

On a better note, the fields our starting to look fantastic! A couple of months ago all of the gateways were muddy, with absolutely no grass; and the fields themselves were looking rather bare and the grass was very sparse. But now thanks to SureGrow Fast Grass and Paddock Grass Seed Mix the fields are looking brilliant and positively green; and even though there has been hardly any rain in our area the grass growth has been fantastic! We are hoping to extend our land and grazing into another field which lies alongside our own, which would complete the square of land that our house and stables are built on, so this is also extremely exciting. All of us at home find the field maintenance quite therapeutic, and with the arrival of a new sit-on mower it's easier than ever! We have set up a time lapse camera in one of our fields to watch the grass growth over a period of a few months, and soon that video will be ready to view.

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Badminton Horse Trials 2017

It was definitely an emotional one with Andrew Nicholson taking his first Badminton victory on board the 17 year old Nereo, having completed the event a record breaking 37 times.

The pair were sitting in third position going into the final phase but when Michael Jung and La Biosthetique-Sam FBW knocked a pole and leaders Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob OLD had three poles down the victory went to Andrew.

Suregrow sponsored riders were also out in force at Badminton Horse Trials. Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover unfortunately retired around a very tough x-country track. Oliver Towned completed on both his horses ODT Ghareeb and Samuel Thomas II to finish in the top 25 (16th and 25th respectively).

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Nicola Wilson gets off to a flying start

The season is well underway now and what a fantastic start Nicola has had, especially with the young horses which is so encouraging for the future. There's also been a new addition to the yard, Tipple! 

The team have had 6 wins and 10 top 10 placings from five events with these exciting young horses.

The advanced horses Annie Clover and Bulana should have made their first CIC3* outing at Burgham International but unfortunately the weather played its part and the event was cancelled which was so disappointing as both horses produced fantastic dressage tests and were in strong positions.

Burnham Market International CIC3* was the next stop for both Annie and Bulana and they both gave Nicola great rides. 3rd and 6th respectively after dressage and two clear show jumping rounds put them in a great position going into the cross country phase. Annie went clear with just a few time penalties to finish 4th overall.

Preparations are now in full swing with Annie for Badminton in two weeks time. The team at home are fully focused on getting her ready for this fabulous event, fingers and toes crossed that preparations pay off.

We would like to wish Nicola and Annie good luck at Badminton Horse Trials, exciting times!

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Positive vet reports, mixed up diaries and a spot of volunteering...

Sorry my blog is a little late this month but I wanted to let you know the good news regarding Ellie. As you may have read in November she was diagnosed with a neurological problem and the prognosis was guarded. She was treated by B&W vets, who mylogrammed her and then treated a compression in the neck with injections. We followed the rehab to the letter and last week she was examined again and presented no symptoms and was perfect on all the neurological tests. The vet could therefore confidently say that this would not affect her or limit her competitive career and we can crack on. Therefore hopefully future blogs may be filled with some competition action.

On the negative Posy who I am trying to sell has still not found the right home and I'm rather pulling my hair out. It is the first time I have sent a horse away to be sold (people don't like travelling to Cornwall) and although the yard are doing a great job the costs are mounting. Maybe good news on my next blog.


So what now for Ellie? She is in full work and just before this problem raised its head I had registered her for British Dressage so last Sunday we did our first BD competition together.Maybe we were a tad ambitious trying our first novices! It seems a travesty that I'm not eligible for any qualification classes at Prelim because of the level I reached with Sarnie who was the most uncooperative dressage horse ever!

We went to St Leonards which is a lovely friendly well organised yet low-key venue. We were entered in novice 24 and 34 quite similar short arena tests. I knew we would struggle a little and we did. At the moment she can get very tight in her frame and draw her head behind the verticle, whilst we had some nice work we also had elements spoilt by this, With time and strength this will improve dramatically I'm sure. Even then we scored 64% and 65% meaning she gained 5 dressage points and some mid class placings (4th and 5th)

This weekend we are off to Bicton International Horse Trials where I am volunteering for 3 days. Should be a great competition as some top riders entered and the parkland, facilities and organisation is second to none. Ellie is coming too which means I can work her in the warm up arenas before or after competition. My role for the weekend will be updating the live scoring which should be great fun, hope I can keep up!

I am aiming for Ellie's first BE to be mid May at Millfield, we didn't have a great time there with Posy last year, I came off after catching my foot in some brush at the edge of a fence. As lovely as Millfield is it doesn't have the happiest memories, better make some good ones this year. I will certainly be appreciating getting Ellie out and about again.

In March we also had the Shoestring holiday when horses are abandoned and we explore a different part of the country. This time it was Shropshire which was lovely. We couldn't though make it totally non horsey and on the way back I arranged a yard visit at National hunt trainer Oliver Sherwood.


We arrived the night before in Lambourn with accommodation booked we first sussed out where his yard was as the visit involved a 7.15 start. As I was checking the paperwork I suddenly realised that I had booked the Friday not the Saturday as I had thought and hence missed the tour. I was fairly upset at the wasted money and spoilt present! I posted on Facebook regarding my stupidity and as well as sympathy a couple of friends tagged and contacted Oliver and he rang me saying that we could join a tour the next day.

The whole experience was fascinating and certainly a few interesting observations. The horses were a lot more lightweight than I was expecting very few looking liked the old-fashioned chaser that I would describe as rangey but with a bit of substance. Interestingly Oliver agreed that the horses have changed and with it they seem to be more prone to injury. All the horses are stabled on straw (good quality) but he feels that lessens the liklihood of ulcers and that is key to their well being. I was also surprised to see after exercise the horses turned out in groups of 5 or 6, I have to admit with animals of that value I would worry regarding injury but again as herd animals he very much wants them to be happy.

image1.jpgWe watched two lots on the gallops on what was a work day. At this time of the season the horses are all fit so ticking over with two 5 furlong work sessions up a steep all weather gallop. Interestingly I asked what different levels of work he would give a horse aimed at the Grand National (a 4 mile race) in comparison to a much shorter race, evidently the work is pretty similar and they don't work them differently. I was surprised to learn that Lambourn as what I thought was the home of jump racing now trains probably more flat race horses.
Back at home the great British weather is playing havoc with my plans again. I had intended to fertilise my fields by now but much of March was just too wet, we then had a week off and on my return I managed to do an acre (by hand) and we had a nice amount of rain to wash it in. Since then it has been bone dry so waiting for a little rain in the forecast before I finish the job.

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Exclusive interview with Martin and Michaela Wood featuring Suregrow Fertiliser!

Great read in the Horse and Hound published on 16th March 2017. Exclusive interview with top showing team Martin and Michaela Wood looking super smart in their Suregrow Fertiliser jackets. Only the best for the best!   MMW.PNGMW.PNG

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Triumphs, Storms & Blow Outs!

The horses and I have been extremely busy this February preparing for the eventing season ahead, we started the month off at Bury Farm at the BE JAS qualifiers with both Simba and Lander. To be honest I hoped that Lander would qualify but he literally did it in style, coming 2nd in BE Novice and then taking the win in the BE Novice Open! He is just feeling fantastic at the moment, and I am really looking forward to his first event at Tweseldown (1). We took rising 5-year-old Simba along to just gain a different experience for him, and bless him he also went and qualified in one of his classes, and had a fantastic round in his first ever BE 100! Which really wasn’t expected!

As my half term loomed both boys had their first XC training session of the year: Adam and I took Lander to Ely Eventing Centre and you wouldn’t have thought that it had been six months since this little horse saw a XC jump! We then threw Simba totally in at the deep end and he took part in his first ever SE u18 XC clinic with other horses (yes Simba other horses!) and jumping 1 meter fences. Apart from deciding he had a new best friend and being completely over excited by the group of youngsters going bananas in the field next to us he was a totally cool dude. It occurred to me that he hadn't seen a XC jump since his 4yo class August last year but far from being spooky he just didn't look at a thing and the confidence this baby has gained over winter is incredible. I am seriously excited about his future in the sport.

Lander was up next at SE u18 training for the potential CCIJ* squad for Frickley; run as combined training event. Lander was just a star as usual, gaining 74% in the dressage test. My de-brief with the judge after was very encouraging giving me tips to further improve on his score, as she was very happy with how he was going, and had no real complaints! He then jumped a really smooth clear round showjumping. We had to run as we were due at Hartpury for the JAS Championships the next day and wanted to get home as quickly as possible to give Lander the maximum rest possible.



Unbelievably, half way round the M25, and in the middle lane, we had a blow out! I have never heard anything like it. Although I am sure that mum never wants to experience this again, Surrey Police, the Highways Authority, Call Assist Recovery were all brilliant and after 4 hours we finally got to move on again after the tyre was replaced and before the M25 could have been closed to take a slightly agitated Lander off of the lorry.

We got home at 10.30pm and Lander was rudely awoken at 6.30 the next morning to go back out, this time with Simba on board too, to Hartpury for the JAS Championships. Neither of them let me down, they didn't touch a pole all day and both boys gained 12th places in their first classes with a few time faults in each case. Lander then upped his game and flew around the Novice course inside the, taking 7th place in a hotly contested class. I was so happy with both of my boys, they never let me down and always give me their all. It’s safe to say that all of us had a very well deserved rest the next couple of days.

Unfortunately, storm Doris got the better of my first Junior Training day, which consequently had to be abandoned. But it’s not much time to go now, the season’s nearly underway.. and we are all very excited!

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A Mare and two foals, let me explain...

The first month has flown by and the support I am receiving from SureGrow is so appreciated when I look at the state my fields are getting in. In particular the paddock that I have Sarnie and the two foals in is looking poached, needing a rest, a harrow and roll as well as some Suregrow to support the grass.

A mare and 2 foals let me explain - Sarnie my horse of a lifetime retired a couple of years ago having taken me as an amateur to advanced level and placings at Intermediate and 2*. She is KWPN with great dutch bloodlines and her mother was recognised as one of the top broodmares in Holland after breeding 5 international horses. A Sarnie baby was always on the cards yet despite multiple attempts in 2014 we could not get her in foal, in 2015 we tried again naturally but she wouldn't let the stallion near her. 


Our last throw of the dice was to send her to a local stud that stood MY ECLIPSE (TB) (son of SHAAB). There Sarnie was turned out with another eventing broodmare Batty, they alternately bullied each other and fell out before becoming inseparable mates. Sarnie learnt to chill and it was this change in her that finally on the last try meant Sarnie was expecting. I credit Batty with settling her down resulting in her getting in foal.

Batty and Sarnie were just the best mates, Sarnie was 9 months pregnant when Batty had a bad abscess and had to be kept in. Although we felt that she would be better off out she came in uphill over a 5 bar gate to get back to her mate. After this we let her stay in with her. Batty foaled a month ahead of Sarnie yet they stayed together and Sarnie was allowed to look after the foal. One day we even thought Sarnie had foaled early as Batty's foal was settled beside Sarnie.

Sarnie had a good foaling and we hit a slight hitch when she went back out with Batty, she decided Batty could look after her foal too!! They then lived in adjacent fields, always beside each other with the hedge separating them while Sarnie got the hang of her responsibilities. After a month they were put back together and resumed the same close relationship.

Very sadly with Batty's foal 3 months old Batty died suddenly in the field leaving Tommy orphaned. Both for a foal losing his mother and Sarnie losing her soul mate times were tough. At least they all knew what had happened, she died overnight so they spent some time understanding the situation.


Tommy was too young ideally to be weaned but thankfully Sarnie stepped up to the plate and looked after Batty's foal. Whilst she never fed him (he was old enough to eat solids) she adopted him in all other ways ensuring he was with her and shouting for him if he strayed too far or they were moving fields. I think the two foals test Sarnie's patience on many occasions and she certainly gets a headache keeping them both in order. However she owes Batty so much for her gorgeous foal (Kensa the chestnut), I am so proud of her that she has adopted Tommy and ensuring he gets the best start in life. In the next week we will be weaning so I will update you next time.

Ellie is progressing well in her return to work plan and so far the vets are happy. She has had a neurological problem but we are hoping the treatment has been effective. Maybe in the next blog there may even be a low key competition report. She is certainly feeling very well to the extent we parted company this week when a cat spooked her.

Very excited to have received my delivery so Suregrow fertiliser and CSM ready to spread in March, the fields certainly need a little support after taking rather a hammering from baby feet.

If you want to keep regularly up to date with our activates check out my website at



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Suregrow Eventing Bursary 2017 - Introduction to Emily Cariad Nicol Eventing

As promised, here's an introduction to Emily Cariad Nicol Eventing, one of two lucky recipients of the Suregrow Fertiliser Eventing Bursary for 2017. 

My name is Emily Cariad Nicol and I am a 15 year old event rider based at home in Kent.

I have been riding since I was just 4 years old and very quickly I became obsessed with the late great eventing mare Headley Britannia. By the time she had won her third 4* at Rolex Kentucky I was 8 years old and had made the decision that I wanted to be an event rider. I never waivered from this goal and everything I have done since that age was with one aim in mind – to affiliate with British Eventing the moment I was allowed to, start my eventing career properly and to get a place on a GB team.

Originally my aim was to gain a place on the Pony Team however a growth spurt quickly put paid to that and I found myself having to start again in my second season with a new bigger partner. He hasn't let me down, we have represented the South East for the last two years running, once at 100u18 level and last year at CCIJ* level. I am hoping that this year I can once again represent the South East and I am also looking to compete in a CCI* abroad this season in order to gain the relevant experience I will need for GB squading by 2019.

I am very very lucky. I had an amazing opportunity to buy a Headley Britannia foal early in 2013 and surpassing all my dreams her twin brother arrived with us later the same year. Little did I know all those years ago I would become part of the Headley Britannia story. In 2014 my parents re-located to the countryside in order to buy a property that dad could build me my own yard on to house the horses I was collecting!  Even better my trainer of 7 years and my absolute partner in crime, Adam Heitman, has also been based with us now for over a year and I train alongside him every day. As I am sitting my GCSE's this year Adam is invaluable, I just couldn’t do it without him.

As dad takes the paddock maintenance very seriously and has been using Suregrow Fertiliser products for the last two years to ensure my horses have the best grazing. At least I can finally pay him back a little with my association with Suregrow Fertiliser this year.

PS__3742.JPGAnnaghmore Boomlander (Lander), age 9 – When it became obvious that I was rapidly outgrowing my brave little pony we went over to Ireland to find a horse that I could hopefully aim for Juniors. Our remit was to find a 'been there done that school master'. Instead we found Lander – a rather green 5 year old – but the minute we saw him we knew we wanted him. He has been an absolute pleasure to train, he is a true gentleman and every time you think you have reached his limit he digs in further and offers me more. He has taken me from BE90 to Novice in just 3 seasons, and in spectacular fashion. Last season at only his second ever Novice we gained 2nd place! We were offered a provisional place on the CCIJ* squad for South East England and then had to gain the relevant FEI qualification to compete at this level. We dashed around the countryside trying to cope with the weather and all the cancellations but we did it with just days to spare. And so at 15 years old I was the youngest member (and Lander the youngest horse) on the CCIJ* team last year. This year we have been accepted onto the GB junior training programme and I now have 3 years to achieve my ambition of GB Junior squading with this rather special little horse. 

IMG_9866.JPGBritannia's Pride (Simba) rising 5 – Everybody absolutely loves Simba and doesn't he just know it. At still not even 5 years of age he is the most trainable obedient horse I think I have ever come across, it helps that he really is gorgeous to look at as well! We bought Simba as a yearling as we already had his twin sister. What a massive opportunity that was for me, I rode them as 3 year olds at Your Horse Live alongside Jason Webb who started them both. Simba was impeccably behaved and has been ever since. He is the most laid back youngster ever! Last year I competed him in two BE 4yo classes and he went easily clear cross country in both. I have taken him to JAS classes this year so he can just gain experience prior to the season and bless him he has already qualified for the championships in one of his classes! I am so excited about Simba's future, he will compete in BE 5yo classes this year and I have no doubt he will do really well in these.


14067552_1216187715097912_2693463933128549475_n.jpgBritannia's Jubilee (Nala), rising 5 – Simba's rather naughty biological twin sister, she is smaller than her brother and apparently a lot like her mum 'Brit'. We have owned her since she was a foal and were really excited about her future eventing prospects as she has always been so incredibly brave and inquisitive. Unfortunately after she was started it slowly became clear that Nala had some health issues that have kept us from progressing any further with her. She is now at home being expertly looked after by our farrier and physio every month. This year we will put her into foal and carry on the Headley Britannia line, hopefully next year we may be able to bring her slowly back into work.

We will be keeping you updated with Emily and Sarah's equestrian activities throughout the year, as well as their 'paddock progress'.

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Suregrow Eventing Bursary 2017- Introduction to Shoestring Eventing

2017 promises to be an exciting year for Suregrow Fertiliser. Not only are we celebrating our 10th anniversary, but we are also delighted to officially announce the Suregrow Fertiliser Eventing Bursary!

The lucky recipients of the bursary are Sarah-Jane Brown of Shoestring eventing and Emily Cariad Nicol Eventing.

We are very excited to be working with two very dedicated members of the sport and can’t wait to share their ‘paddock progress’ and various other equestrian activities throughout 2017!

To kick things off we would like to formally introduce Sarah-Jane.

As the delighted recipient of Suregrow’s 2017 Bursary I am excited to introduce myself to you. Those of you familiar with social media or eventing may have come across me via my Shoestring Eventing Website and social media. As well as regular blogs, a host of information the website holds the largest database of British Eventing course pictures.

I don’t like to admit I’m 42, according to recent media reports this is referred to as middle aged which rather terrifies me. I work full time for Cornwall Council in the Environmental Health Service. Currently and typically of the ups and downs of many amateur riders things are a little in the doldrums with one of my rides for sale and 


the other unwell.  I am based in the far South West a mere 30 miles from Lands End which does make travelling both time consuming and expensive. I don’t have any of my own facilities but rent a lovely yard although it lacks a school hence maintaining my fields is very important.

Let me tell you a little bit about the horses.

Sarnita – Age 18 (my horse of a lifetime)

Sarnie came to me as a uncompeted 5 year old she is KWPN and together we reached Advanced level eventing (clear round Gatcombe championships) and were placed at 2*. Together we competed at a number events abroad and she helped me achieve many ambitions. She had a fabulous jump and always tried her heart out, she suited an amateur as liked to do things her way, sadly we never dulled her sense of humour in the dressage but won many prizes for most improved after dressage! She has been retired a couple of years and last year gave birth to her first foal Kensa.

Kensa DSC_0190CC.jpg

Kensa (Cornish word for first) was born in June last year, her sire is the fabulous TB My Eclipse who himself had a successful eventing career. Kensa is already showing real presence and certainly has inherited her mother character and sense of humour.



Posy – 7 years Irish

Posy has been very successful with me she is very athletic and has a great jump.  We have been well placed to BE100 eventing and numerous wins show jumping. However I have had to accept that however talented she is we don’t really click, also she needs more work than my current facilities can give her. Hence with a heavy heart she is on the market.




Ellie.jpgEllie – 7 years Connie x TB

Ellie was a short term project who stayed a lot longer as her easy ways and attitude to work made her a pleasure to produce. Whilst I like my horses on the smaller side she was only 14.2 and I had high hopes she could be a serious event pony. We finished the season last year with two very promising runs BE.  Sadly during the winter it has become apparent she has a neurological problem which is currently being treated but the prognosis is currently uncertain.

Hopefully once Posy is sold I will be able to find myself a ride for the forthcoming year and if I am very fortunate Ellie may recover to compete later in the year. I certainly won’t be idle.

I am very excited to be working with Suregrow this year and learn how I can manage the pasture properly. I can already see huge advantages in working with a product that is designed for horses, the slow release formula that avoids that dangerous flush of lush grass. Also I have been used to having to keep horses off the grass for many weeks after fertilising which can be difficult with limited grazing, it is great that if necessary I don’t need to take the horses off.

I am looking forward to keeping everyone up to date with our activities over the next year.

Keep your eyes peeled to read more about Emily and her wonderful team of horses soon.

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Valegro's emotional retirement at Olympia 2016

'Truly one in a million', 'He has it all' and 'Genius in an athlete's body' are just a few of the comments describing the one and only Valegro. 

With three gold medals under his belt partnered by Charlotte Dujardin, he has now been officially retired from competition. The sport's most successfull partnership performed at Olympia last night, 14th December 2016.

To see his routine please click here. 

Although Valegro will no longer compete, he will continue to give celebrity appearances and demonstrations. Charlotte is currently campaigning several potential successors for Tokyo 2020, including Mount St John Freestyle. 

To add to an already emotional evening, sponsored rider Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin's team-mate, metor and co-owner of Valegro, danced to victory for the second night running in the freestyle aboard Nip Tuck with a score of 84.669%. 

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The late ‘Opposition Buzz’ inducted into Equestrian Hall of Fame

The late 'Opposition Buzz' (Dodi) has been inducted into the British Horse Society's Equestrian Hall of Fame that celebrates the heroes and heroines – human and equine – of the equestrian world.

His breeder and owner, Rosemary Search and his rider, Nicola Wilson were invited to the Household Cavalry's barracks in South Carriage Drive, Knightsbridge, West London, to commemorate this legendary event horse where an engraved plaque with his name is now displayed on the barracks wall.

Afterwards Nicola said, "Both Rosemary and myself are very grateful to the British Horse Society for including Dodi in it's Equestrian Hall of Fame and we had the most lovely day at the Household Cavalry – he certainly was a 'horse of a lifetime' for both of us"

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CIC3* Master Oliver Townend triumphs at Adelaide

Oliver Townend triumphs the CIC3* at the Australian International Three-Day Event at Adelaide.

Oliver rode Napoloen to victory, a catch ride offered by Tim Boland, having just ridden him three times before arriving on site at the event. The pair were competitive from the beginning, posting an impressive dressage score of 44.9 to sit them in second place.

With no showjumping penalties to add and a clear cross-country round with 13.2 time faults the pair clinched victory at the unique event, being situated right in Adelaide's city centre.

Huge congratulations to Oliver Townend, what a way to finish the event season!

November 7, 2016  |   Share:

Oliver Townend tops the British eventing rankings for the third year

Sponsored rider Oliver Townend has earnt a staggering 2,341 British Eventing points this season, over 1,000 more than any other rider, to keep his place at the top of the rankings for the third consecutive year.

ODT Ghareeb won him the most points, 251, to lie in 6th place in the horse rankings, with Cillnabradden Evo 9th on 233 and Samuel Thomas 11th on 218.

October 17, 2016  |   Share:

Nicola Wilson finishes best of the Brits at Pau CCI4*

Nicola Wilson finished her 2016 eventing season in style by being the highest placed British rider at the CCI**** Pau International Horse Trials, where riding One Two Many (owned by Mr Gerry Kemp, Mrs Mary Kemp and Mrs Janine Shewan) Nicola finished in 4th place and with Annie Clover (owned by her parents Barry & Mary Tweddle) she finished in 8th place.

One Two Many produced a superb dressage test to lie in 3rd place, while Annie Clover, who unfortunately on her toes in this phase was further down the field, however, the little mare showed true class in the cross-country phase by jumping clear with only 2 time penalties. One Two Many powered his way over the Pierre Michelet cross country course and showed he was no slouch either by coming home with just 2.8 time penalties, leaving them 12th and 3rd respectively going into the show jumping phase.
Annie Clover showed a clean pair of heels to jump a superb clear round that finally moved her up to 8th position, while One Two Many moved down one place to finish in 4th place – his best result to date at CCI**** level.

"I am absolutely thrilled with both my horses said Nicola, it has been a superb week of competition and what a great finish to the 2016 season",

"A massive thank you to all my owners, sponsors, the girls on the yard and everyone who makes up Team Wilson".

French rider Maxime Livio claimed the victory, his first CCI4* win.

We would like to wish all those that took part a very well done, but especially huge congratulations to Nicola for not one, but two top 10 results!!!

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** NEW ** Equine Gastric Ulcer Factsheet

Equine Gastric Ulcers are a common problem that can be found in horses of all ages. As horses have evolved to graze, it's important that you make the most of your grassland so you can encourage your horses natural behaviour in your quest to avoid ulcers. 

We have created a handy fact sheet all about Equine Gastric Ulcers to help answer some of the questions you may have. Please feel free to take a look and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like some advice on how to make the most of your grassland.


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Britain wins final leg of 2016 eventing Nations Cup with Oliver Townend taking an individual podium finish

Britain won the final eventing Nations Cup of the series at Boekelo this weekend. Team GBR entered the final showjumping phase nearly 30 penalties ahead of the field, and some class rounds only widened the lead.

Laura Collett was the first British team rider to jump and went clear on Mr Bass to finish fifth individually. Izzy Taylor was next in the ring and had just one fence down riding Trevidden to finish seventh.

Sponsored rider Oliver Townend topped off the British team effort with a faultless performance onboard Cooley SRS, confirming Britain's team victory and leaving the duo with a podium finish in third place.

Britain were truly on flying form and had a fourth top-10 individual finisher, Sarah Bullimore and Lilly Corinne, who had just one pole down in the final phase.

October 10, 2016  |   Share:

Allerton Park Horse Trials 2016

We were proud to be a sponsor at Allerton Park Horse Trials 2016 for another year. A fantastic weekend for all topped off by some glorious September sunshine! Well done to all competitiors, the winners of each section are as follows:

Section A 100

Section B 100

Section C 100
CARRICK ADALTO GIRL – Alex Postolowsky

Section D 100
QUITE SOMETHING – Rosalind Canter

Section E 100 open
PRINCE ROCKRIMMON - James Sommerville

Section F 100
GRAPPA NERA – Alex Postolowsky

Section G Novice
REBELLIOUS II - Sarah Wright

Section H Novice
CARPE DIEM V - Helen Bates

Section I Intermediate
UFONZO - Steve Garrod

Section J Intermediate
SPRING AMBITION - Rosalind Canter

Section K Open Intermediate
CADILLAC - James Avery (NZL)

Section L Intermediate-Novice

Section M Advanced
TREVIDDEN - Izzy Taylor

Section N Open Novice U18
DISCOVERY V - Alice Davies-Cooke

Section O Novice
ORLANDA BLOOM - Jeanette Brakewell

Section P Novice
MARTEL - Rachel Holden

Photographs thanks to K2Photographic.

Allerton Park Horse Trials

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Oliver Townend crowned Event Rider Master 2016

Though Oliver was denied a third successive victory in the sixth and final stage of the Event Rider Masters (ERM), he was the runner-up and claimed victory of the overall series, taking home an extra £30,000.

Partnering Cillnabradden Evo, the horse he's won the past two legs on at Blair and Gatcombe, Oliver climbed from equal 10th after dressage to runner-up by jumping a wonderful clear showjumping and fast cross-country, just two seconds over the optimum time.

Victory went to the last to go across country, Frenchman Thomas Carlile on the stallion Upsilon, who'd been lying equal second after dressage.

Oliver also finished in the top 10 in both the CCI*** (9th onboard Dunbeau) and the CIC*** 8/9YO class (5th onboard Cooley SRS).

Nicola Wilson also had a fantastic time at Blenheim finishing 4th in both the CCI***, with the classy mare Bulana, and in the CIC*** ERM riding One Two Many.

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Top 10 results for Suregrow riders at Burghley Horse Trials 2016

Australia's Chris Burton won his first British four-star at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2016 with a nail biting finish. He entered the showjumping arena with four fences in hand, but Nobilis 18 started to drop the poles from the double at fence four and finished having used up his buffer penalties. They finished on 49.4 to claim the Burghley 2016 title, but the final showjumping phase was an influential one.

One of only two double clear rounds was produced by Oliver Townend and Samuel Thomas II resulting in seventh place and best Brit. Caroline Powell and Onwards and Upwards completed the showjumping with one pole down and one time penalty which slotted them into eighth place.

Massive congratulations to Chris Burton but also to our two sponsored riders, Oliver and Caroline, for completing with such fantastic results! Top ten results are below.

Photo of Caroline Powell courtesy of Will Baxter.

Burghley Horse Trials Top 10 results 2016

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Want your own wild flower area?

When BBC's Countryfile featured wild flower meadows earlier in the year, we came away inspired. Wild flowers and plants are not only beautiful but also an essential part of our lives. They provide food for humans and animals.

We are proud to introduce our new Traditional Wild Flower Meadow Mix so you can create your own beautiful and natural ecosystem.
  • Contains a wide selection of reliable species together with fine leaved grasses
  • Produces a colourful ground cover and canopy
  • Can be spread by hand
  • Available in 3kg bags

Click here to find out more about our new product.

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Nicola Wilson and Oliver Townend victorious at Blair Castle International Horse Trials 2016

Nicola Wilson was victorious in the CCI3* at the Blair Castle Equi-Trek International Horse Trials when she and Annie Clover (Owned by her parents Barry and Mary Tweddle) retained the lead they had held from day one.

Despite heading into the final showjumping phase with a three-fence cushion, it was a nail biting finish as the pair knocked one pole down and racked up seven time penalties to reduce their winning margin to just 1.3 penalties.

It was girl power all the way for Team Wilson as Bulana (owned by James and Jo Lambert) came 5th in the CIC*** Event Rider Masters series, giving Nicola a fabulous ride throughout and proving how consistent this lovely young mare is now becoming at this level.

Oliver Townend became the first rider to win back-to-back Event Rider Master (ERM) legs when he and Cilnabradden Evo triumphed in the penultimate CRM contest of 2016.

The podium positions changed as frequently as the weather, but in the end Oliver was in a class of his own, giving the talented but sometimes unpredictable 10-year-old a masterful ride to finish on a score of 45.2 – nearly 10 penalties ahead of his nearest rival. This gave Oliver his 53rd international win. Oliver also finished second and third in the CCI3*, second and sixth in the CIC3*, and fourth and sixth in the CCI* making the journey up to Scotland very worthwhile!

Congratulations to our sponsored riders on another successful weekend!

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Suregrow Fertiliser sponsored riders dominate at Somerford Park International Horse Trials 2016

Our sponsored riders were out in force at this weekend's Somerford Park International Horse Trials.

It was a worthwhile trip for Oliver Townend who finished first, second, fourth and sixth in the CIC** class on Note Worthy, MHS King Joules, Ulises and Ballaghmor Class respectively. Not only did he dominate the CIC**, Oliver also finished second and third in the Open Intermediate (on board Cooley SRS and Dromgurrihy Blue) and second and fourth in his Novice section (riding Speculate and Gatestown Master).

Caroline Powell also had a successful outing, winning the CIC* class on board Flipper K. The duo was in the lead from the beginning with an enviable 33.8 dressage score.

Well done to our sponsored riders once again, we look forward to Burghley news from both Oliver and Caroline!

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Nicola Wilson wins Superflex CIC*** at Hartpury International Horse Trials 2016

Nicola Wilson and One Two Many, owned by Mr Gerry Kemp, Mrs Mary Kemp and Mrs Janine Shewan, proved untouchable as they came from behind to claim the Superflex CIC*** title at the NAF Five Star International Hartpury Horse Trials 2016.

Nicola and One Two Many were second after the dressage phase behind Izzy Taylor, however, they surged into the lead following a superb clear round in the show jumping phase after Izzy Taylor picked up four faults. Despite collecting 2.8 cross-country time penalties, Nicola set the standard for the remaining competitors and her score of 39.9 was unmatched throughout the CIC*** competition.

"I am so thrilled with how One Two Many went at Hartpury, he gave me a great ride in all three phases" said Nicola, with this being his second CIC*** win this year, I would like to thank my team at home, owners and sponsors for their unwavering support and hope that this success for Team Wilson carries through to the Blair Castle Equi-Trek International Horse Trials, where Annie Clover runs in the CCI*** and Bulana in the CIC***".

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Rio 2016 Olympics - Grand Prix dressage round-up

An exciting two days of dressage in Rio leaves the British dressage team in silver medal position after the grand prix. Charlotte Dujardin put in a stunning test with Valegro to score 85.071%, leaving them in the lead individually. Her score lifts Britain to the silver medal position at the half-way point of the team competition, which will be decided after the grand prix special today (12th August).

The top six teams are all through to today's grand prix special plus the top eight riders not qualified through team participation.

Team standings Individual standings
1. Germany (81.295% average)          1. Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro (GBR) 85.071%
2. Great Britain (79.252% average)                   2. Kristina Sprehe and Desperados FRH (GER) 82.257%
3. USA (76.971% average) 2. Dorothee Schneider and Showtime FRH (GER) 80.986%


The British times for the Grand Prix Special today are:

• Spencer Wilton and Super Nova II – 2.20pm (6.20pm British time)
• Fiona Bigwood and Orthilia – 3.02pm (7.02pm British time)
• Carl Hester and Nip Tuck – 3.29pm (7.29pm British time)
• Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro – 3.56pm (7.56pm British time)

The combined scores from the grand prix and the grand prix special give the result of the team competition.

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Rio eventing concludes and dressage begins

A faultless showjumping round from Michael Jung ensured that he retained the individual gold medal that he won at the London 2012 Olympics, one of only two clears from those in the top 10. The young French rider Astier Nicolas took individual silver on board Piaf De Benville, finishing with one pole down, and the USA's Phillip Dutton moved up from fourth position to take bronze on Mighty Nice, another to finish with one pole down.

Australia's Chris Burton and Santano II were in the individual bronze position before the last round, but when the final two fences dropped, he also dropped down to fifth place behind Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh who produced a beautiful clear round. William Fox-Pitt was the only Brit to qualify for the final round and he produced another classy clear round to finish in 12th place with Chilli Morning.

Final eventing results are as follows:

Team      Individual
Gold - France      Gold - Michael Jung and Sam FBW
Silver - Germany      Silver - Astier Nicolas and Piaf De Benville
Bronze - Australia      Bronze - Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice


The eventing competition may be complete, but we will still be able to get our fix of Olympic Equestrian action with the dressage which starts today at 2pm UK time. British rider's times are as follows:

Wednesday        Thursday
Spencer Wilton: 11.18am (3:18pm UK time)        Carl Hester 11:27am (3:27pm UK time)
Fiona Bigwood: 3.06pm (7.06pm UK time)        Charlotte Dujardin 2.24pm (6:18pm UK time)


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Final day of eventing competition at Rio Olympics 2016

Today, 9 August, is the final day of competition for the event riders at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Starting order will only be finalised after the trot-up, which takes place this morning at 8am Rio time, 12pm UK time.

For the Brits, Gemma Tattersall will be the first to jump. She completed the cross-country phase yesterday with a total of 49.6 time and 40 jump penalties to add to a 47.20 dressage score with Quicklook V for 44th place going into the showjumping.

Despite picking up 20 jumping penalties on the cross-country course, William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning are the best of the Brits going into the showjumping, 22nd with 67.4 penalties.

Pippa Funnell and Billy The Biz are in 28th and Kitty King and Ceylor LAN are in 34th.

The Australians are in team and individual gold positions, led by Chris Burton on the nine-year-old Santano II who had a foot perfect cross country round to finish exactly on the optimum time.

4.5 penalties behind is the New Zealand team in silver position while France lie 6.2 penalties behind them in the bronze medal position.

The showjumping will start at 10am Rio time, 2pm in the UK.

August 9, 2016  |   Share:

Cross-country timetable for Olympic eventing in Rio

The time table has been released for the second phase of the Olympic Eventing in Rio. The times for the British riders are as follows:

  • 10.23am (14.23 UK time) Gemma Tattersall and Quicklook V
  • 11.39am (15.39 UK time) William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning
  • 13.05 pm (17.05 UK time) Pippa Funnell and Billy The Biz
  • 14.21pm (18.21 UK time) Kitty King and Ceylor LAN

After a weekend of dressage, Great Britain is lying in fourth position in the team standings.

British rider William Fox-Pitt is in gold medal position individually, with Australia’s Chris Burton just behind.

Only 5.7 penalties separate the top four teams going into the cross country phase (Germany, France, Australia and Great Britain), and given that riders have reported that the cross-country track is one of the hardest seen at the Olympics since the Sydney Games in 2000, the cross country phase will be very infuential.

Click here to download the full list of riders and their times for the cross-country phase.

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Oliver Townend takes the British Open Title at Gatcombe

Oliver Townend became the first British rider for five years to be crowned the British Open champion at the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe this weekend. Oliver partnered Cillnabradden Evo, the horse that also took the CIC** title at Burgham International last weekend, and triumphed by 6.3 penalties. This CIC*** class also incorporated the fourth leg of the Event Rider Masters (ERM).

The pair were in second position after dressage and jumped a double clear, but Cillnabradden Evo tired towards the end of the undulating cross-country track and picked up 10.4 time faults.

"Coming home I thought the win had gone; I was just trying to look after him," said Oliver, "Cillnabradden Evo has got a bit of a chequered cross-country history, but he's a great jumper and I enjoy riding him. It feels great to win."

Not only did Oliver take the CIC*** title, he also finished first, second and fourth in the Advanced class on board Dunbeau, Samuel Thomas II and Dromgurrihy Blue respectively.

Nicola Wilson also finished in the top 10 in the CIC*** ERM on board the classy mare Bulana.

Another successful weekend for our sponsored riders, well done!


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Rio Olympics 2016

Make sure you don's miss any of the equestrian action in Rio. All times shown are UK times, Rio times are in the brackets.
All the equestrian action will be shown on the BBC red button and on the BBC sport website. Cross-country, eventing showjumping, showjumping team round two (team final) and individual final, dressage grand prix special (team final) and grand prix freestyle (individual final) may also be shown on the main BBC TV channels.

Friday 5 August

•Eventing first horse inspection: 12.30-1.55pm (8.30-9.55am)

•Opening ceremony: 11.30pm (7.30pm)

Saturday 6 August

 •Eventing dressage: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Sunday 7 August

 •Eventing dressage: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Monday 8 August

•Eventing cross-country: 2-7pm (10am-3pm)

•Dressage horse inspection: 7.45-8.55pm (3.45-4.55pm)

Tuesday 9 August

•Eventing second horse inspection: Noon-1pm ((8-9am)

•Eventing team showjumping, eventing individual showumping, eventing team and individual medal ceremonies: 2-7.30pm (10am-3.30pm)

Wednesday 10 August

•Dressage grand prix: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Thursday 11 August

•Dressage grand prix: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Friday 12 August

•Showjumping horse inspection: 11.30am-1pm (7.30-9am)

•Dressage grand prix special team final and team medal ceremony: 2-8.30pm (10am-4.30pm)

Saturday 13 August

•Showjumping training session: 2-6.50pm (10am-2.50pm)

Sunday 14 August

•Showjumping first qualifier (team and individual): 2-5.45pm (10am-1.45pm)

Monday 15 August

•Dressage grand prix freestyle and individual medal ceremony: 2-6pm (10am-2pm)

Tuesday 16 August

•Showjumping team round one: 2-5.30pm (10am-1.30pm)

Wednesday 17 August

•Showjumping team round two and team medal ceremony: 2-4.45pm (10am-12.45pm)

Thursday 18 August

•Showjumping horse inspection: 8-8.30pm (4-4.30pm)

Friday 19 August

•Showjumping individual final and individual medal ceremony: 2-6.45pm (10am-2.45pm)

Sunday 21 August

•Closing ceremony: 11.30pm (7.30pm) 


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Successful trip to Burgham International for our sponsored riders

Our three sponsored event riders have had a very successful trip to Burgham Horse Trials (29-31 July) in Northumberland.

Oliver Townend and MHS King Joules finished on their dressage score of 43.3 to win the CIC***. Oliver also finished third in the CIC*** on ODT Ghareeb with a 42.6 dressage score and double clear with just a few time penalties cross country. Not only did Oliver win the CIC***, but he also took the CIC** title on board Cillnabradden Evo, again finishing on their dressage score of 37.0.

Nicola Wilson finished second and fifth in the CIC***, with Annie Clover and One Two Many respectively, both completing the event double clear with just a few time penalties.

Caroline Powell had three rides in the CIC*** class finishing eighth, ninth and twelfth overall, riding Onwards and Upwards, Flying Finish and Sinatra Frank Baby.

Not a bad feat to have seven horses in the top 12 in the CIC*** powered by Suregrow Fertilised grass! Proud to sponsor such dedicated and talented riders. Massive well done from us!

Photograph of our sponsored riders at Bramham Horse Trials 2016 thanks to K2 Photographic.

Our sponsored riders Oliver Townend, Nicola Wilson and Caroline Powell at Bramham International Horse Trials.

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Hickstead RIHS 2016

Yet again the hallowed turf at Hickstead was fertilised with Suregrow Fertiliser, and boy did it look good!

The Royal International Horse Show is in its 109th year and is one of the most prestigious outdoor shows in the country. 2016 did not disappoint and was packed full of action from scurry ponies to the eventers' challenge, there was something for everyone.

Ireland's Billy Twomey had a particularly great show, having bagged four international wins across the week. This included the Bunn Leisure Salver, the British Speed Classic, the Bunn Leisure Vase and the biggest class of the week, the King George V cup.

Other winners included:

  • Jayne Ross riding the profilic hunter mare Time 2 Reflect took the British Horse Society Supreme Ridden Horse Championship for the second year in a row
  • Olivia Bowen and Golden Tasset won the Underwood Supreme Ridden Pony Championship
  • Ireland's David Simpson claimed the Templant Events Queen Elizabeth II Cup onboard Chessy 17
  • The british leg of the Nation Cup was taken by the German team consising of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Fibonacci 17), Janne Friederike Meyer (Goja 27), Patrick Stühlmeyer (Lacan 2) and Ludger Beerbaum (Chiara 222) who finished on a score of just four faults.
  • Another win for the Irish in the Amlin Eventers' Challenge where Elizabeth Power and Doonaveerage O One claimed the £3,000 first prize

We are proud to supply Suregrow Fertiliser to Hickstead and look forward to 2017.

Photograph thanks to K2 Photographic.

Hickstead grass arena fertilised with Suregrow Fertiliser

August 3, 2016  |   Share:

Great Yorkshire Show 2016

This year was our second at The Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate and once again we sponsored the screen in the main arena. Our Suregrow Fertiliser advert played on the screen and our (huge!) Suregrow banner was on show for all to see. Organised by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS), the 158th show was held on 12 - 14 July.

The competitive classes were at the heart of the event attracting around 13,000 entries, ranging from prize-winning bulls to poultry to international show jumpers. There was a large live robotic milking exhibition as well as fashion shows, game cookery demonstrations and a live forging competition which was held throughout the three days, a new addition for 2016.

On the final day of the show was the Cock O'The North Championship, where Laura Renwick, aboard Heliodor Hybris, hailed victory to bag the £8,000 prize on only her second ever outing to the Great Yorkshire Show. Essex-based Chloe Winchester produced the only other triple-clear to come second on Avoca Valkyrie while Shipley’s seven-time winner Robert Smith was third on Ilton.

We are proud to sponsor such a fantastic event and look forward to 2017!

Photograph thanks to K2Photographic

Our advert and banner on shown for all to see in the main arena at the 158th Great Yorkshire Show 2016

August 3, 2016  |   Share:

William Whitaker Crowned the Hickstead Derby 2016 Champion

William Whitaker claimed the title of Hickstead Derby Champion following a magnificent performance riding 13 year-old chestnut gelding Glenavadra Brilliant. They were the only combination in the field of 28 to not have a fence down. They did pick up a one time penalty for being just over the allowed time of 180 seconds, but that did not matter in the end

The 26 year-old Yorkshireman became the third member, after Michael and John, of Britain's most recognised showjumping family to be crowned the champion at the West Sussex arena.

Last year William was runner-up behind Irelands Trevor Breen. This year three riders shared that spot, Irishmen Richard Howley (Chinook) and Billy Twomey (Diaghilev) and British rider Harriet Nuttall all finishing on four faults. 

Discussing his win William said: ' I am obviously delighted. It's one of the classes I've always really, really wanted to win.

 "I am pleased with my horse. He has always knocked on the door, and been second in numerous other derbies around Europe, so to finally get the win today, I'm really pleased.

 "The more times you ride the course the better it is because the more experience you get.

 "He is a strong and scopey horse, and he's got a lot of stamina. When he jumped the last fence he almost felt as if he could have done it again. I always hoped he would win a derby."

Image with thanks to K2photographic 

June 30, 2016  |   Share:

Bramham Horse Trials - British Equestrian Trade Association CIC3* Results

1st - Chico Bella P - Gemma Tattersall
2nd - Billy the Red - Kristina Cook
3rd - Billy the Biz - Pippa Funnell
4th - Ceylor L A N - Kitty King
5th - Bango - Tim Price
6th - One Two Many - Nicola Wilson 
7th - Quicklook V - Gemma Tattersall
8th - DHI Lupison - Holly Woodhead
9th - Chilli Morning - William Fox-Pitt 
10th - Yogi Bear VIII - Paul Tapner

Image thanks to K2photographic

June 21, 2016  |   Share:

Bramham Horse Trials - Equi-Trek CCI3* Results

New Zealand rider Andrew Nicholson took the top spot with nine year old Jet Set IV making it his third Bramham win.

2nd place went to Leicestershire rider Lauren Shannon and Quality Purdey and finishing 3rd was Suregrow sponsored rider Oliver Townend and MHS King Joules.

4th Sammi Birch, Hunter Valley II
5th Ibby Macpherson, Ballingowan Diamond
6th Caroline Powell, Onwards and Upwards
7th Andrew Nicholson, Teseo
8th Pippa Funnell, Second Supreme
9th Oliver Townend, Samuel Thomas II
10th Tim Price, Xavier Faer

Image thanks to K2photographic

June 14, 2016  |   Share:

Bramham Horse Trials - The Suregrow Six Bar Competition

Irish rider Richard Howley won the Suregrow Six Bar Competition for the second year in a row, this time with Carpe Diem Z. Richard also took the second spot with Verlindo, whom he came joint first place with last year.

Richard is part of Team HK horses who specialise in breeding, producing, training and competing show jumping horses. 

Holly Gillott and Quality Old Joker came joint 3rd place with David Harlend and Nux D'Mour.

The Six Bar Jumping competition sees a horse and rider jump six fences set in a straight line. Usually the fences are placed with equal distance between them and the first fence is the lowest with each subsequent fence being higher than the one before. Horses are either penalized or eliminated from the competition if they knock down a rail.

When, after each round, more than one competitor jumps clear or are tied for fewest faults, the six fences are raised in height for each subsequent round until there is a winner. if there are multiple jump-off's the final fence can be raised to well over 6 feet.

 Image thanks to K2photographic

June 14, 2016  |   Share:

Fence 11, The Suregrow Kidney Ponds

Around 170 horse and rider combinations tackle the cross country course at Bramham Horse Trials each year. It was Ian Stark's seventh year designing the course and yet again, with the help of his team, he has used every aspect of the Yorkshire parkland to create another dazzling course to test the riders bravery, accuracy and stamina.

This year our sponsored fence was Fence 11, The Kidney Ponds. This fence sits on a tight line and undulating ground and, in the words of Ian Stark, requires riders to 'have their brave pants on!'


June 13, 2016  |   Share:

We were honored to be part of such a special Royal Windsor Show

This year the Royal Windsor Horse Show was in its 73rd year and is now a global brand. It is the UK's largest outdoor equestrian event and the only show in the UK to host international competition for dressage, show jumping, driving and endurance riding. 

We are always proud to be part of the show but this year was even more special as it was also host to one of the main celebrations for Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday. The show attracted over 65,000 visitors who were all treated to many spectacular displays from the 1,500 performers and 900 horses. The monarch is well known for her love of horses and was seen beaming as she walked around the grounds. She was joined by several members of her family including husband Prince Philip, her son Prince Edward and grandchildren James Viscount Severn and Lady Louise Windsor.

The Horse Show is held over 4 days but unfortunately a month’s rain in 12 hours caused the first day of the show to be cancelled; the first time that had ever happened in its history. The quick work of the shows organizers had things back on track by day two. The Queen has attended every single year since it began back in 1943 and even competed in it in her younger years as did the Duke of Edinburgh.

 Image with thanks to K2photographic

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Superb result for Nicola Wilson at Houghton International

A superb result for Nicola Wilson at Houghton international finishing first and third in the 3*** class with One Two Many and Annie Clover.

“If I’d been asked last week whether I would be riding at Houghton today I would have said no. The last few weeks have been bumpy for me; Badminton didn’t go my way, I had a nasty fall at Chatsworth and then fell off a young horse at home.

“I’m so grateful to the people at the Jack Berry House rehabilitation centre in Malton. I’ve been there every day since my fall and their care enabled me to ride at this fantastic venue.”

Finishing in between Nicola's rides was French team rider Matthieu Van Landeghem riding Trouble Fete ENE. They climbed from sixth after the dressage to second place with a clean sheet in the jumping phases.

Image with thanks to K2photographic (Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover)

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Belton Park

The weather on Saturday gave rain, sleet and even snow resulting in the cancellation of the intermediate sections. However the CIC3* did run and Cilnabradden Evo finished 9th out of 126 starters. were there to catch the action and got a great shot of Oliver

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Suregrow Sponsored Football Team

Coming to the end of the football season and our sponsored football team, after getting a promotion last year, are looking like they'll be finishing mid-table. A big well done to the team!!

.......and they have the greenest pitch in the league

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New Grass Seed......Meadow & Laminitics Mix

Our new Meadow & Laminitics mix creates a none rye grass sword making it an ideal choice as a rye replacement where laminitis has previously been an issue.

By its nature and component makeup it will help grazing horses and ponies to reduce the incident of laminitis.
It produces a coarser grass which is durable, extremely persistent and winter hardy making it ideal for longer duration usage.

Also available with mixed herbs.

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New Product for 2016......CSM

2016 has started with a bang for Suregrow Fertiliser with the introduction of our new product CSM

We all consider the fertiliser requirements of our grassland but we give little or no consideration to the mineral and trace element requirement.

CSM: Contains over 70 trace elements.

CSM: Contains Calcified seaweed.

CSM: Improves the mineral and trace element content which can contribute towards horse health.

CSM: Improves grass quality, soil stucture and root development.

CSM: Does not require stock movement during application.

The coral structure of Calcified seaweed captures and increases beneficial soil bacteria and they then break down gradually over a number of weeks realeasing the nutrients.

Visit our product page for more information.


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Nicola Wilson and Bulana win at Military Boekelo

It was a great win last weekend (8th to 11th October) for Nicola Wilson and Bulana. Nicola and the 9 year old black mare, owned by Mr James Lambert and Mrs Jo Lambert, won the CCI***. The duo were sitting in 5th place after the dressage, moved up to 4th after the cross country then finished in the top spot after jumping a clear round show jumping.

Bulana was a new ride for Nicola mid-season last year and they have had some fantastic results, including a 9th place in the CIC*** at the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe and winning an advanced class at Allerton Park.

“I am over the moon with Bulana, says Nicola, she stepped up to this level of competition this year, but she still felt so secure and confident in all three phases. This win is just fabulous for us all as a team and gives the yard another horse qualification for the Rio Olympics next year. Although the Olympics are still a long way off it gives us all a boost going into the winter training months”

“I am thrilled for her owners but also for all my supporters, sponsors and my team of hardworking girls, who all make this possible”.


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Nicola Wilson wins at Allerton

Nicola was thrilled to take 1st, 2nd and 5th place in the Advanced class at Allerton Park Horse Trials last weekend. 

Bulana and Watermill Vision, owned by James Lambert and Mrs Jo Lambert, took the top spot and runner up with Kiltealy Brief, owned by Ramscove Ltd taking 5th.

Photogragh thanks to K2Photographic

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Suregrow Fertiliser on wheels......

Our new wagon in conjunction with Horseshoe Distribution Ltd.

Keep a look out for it!

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Richard Davison supports Carl Hester at Aachen

Our sponsored rider Richard Davison has been supporting one of our other riders, Carl Hester at the recent Aachen European Dressage competition.

Richard has said 'I help Carl warm up and train the horse before he goes in the arena' Richard is a huge help towards Carl in his preparation for any competitions and championships.

Charlotte Dujardin was competing on Carl Hesters world champion Valegro, she took individual gold at the European's with a percentage of 83.029. This is the second time that Charlotte and Valegro have won the special title, the last was in 2003 in Denmark.

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